Community Guidelines

Snapchat is about sharing moments and having fun. Our goal in creating these rules is to accommodate the broadest range of self expression while balancing the need for Snapchatters to be able to use our service safely and enjoyably.

Don’t send people Snaps they don’t want to receive—especially if the Snap is mean.

Be thoughtful about what you Snap and whom you send it to. It’s okay with us if someone takes a screenshot, but we can’t speak for you or your friends. Snapchat attempts to detect screenshots and notify the sender, but it doesn’t always work perfectly - and your friend can always capture the image with a camera.

Keep it legal. Don’t use Snapchat for any illegal shenanigans and if you’re under 18 or are Snapping with someone who might be: keep your clothes on!

What not to Snap:

If your account settings allow “everyone” to view your Stories, and you post a Story that is not suitable for sensitive viewers (but does not otherwise violate these rules), other Snapchatters may be shown a "sensitive content" warning before viewing your Stories.

Violating these rules may result in the removal of content, the suspension of your account and being prohibited from using Snapchat in the future.

Please take these rules seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. The rules will change and evolve along with the Snapchat user community. We will do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think is best in each situation, at our own discretion.

Team Snapchat

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